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IBM Server Configurator - Configure your Server Kit the easy way

Server Configurator is the online IBM configurator that makes it easy to build a selection of IBM's midmarket solutions for System x, Storage and BladeCenter, including many of our popular Express Advantage offerings. You can use Server Configurator to configure a complete BladeCenter or simply learn about a new type of processor.

The application runs entirely in your web browser, this means deployment is rapid. The interface is easy to use, allowing novice users to quickly get upto speed with the range and begin building servers.

Unlike other IBM configurators, the application protects the User by only allowing you to select upgrades that will fit into your system. This means Reseller does not need expert knowledge of building systems, or of the IBM Express Seller range. It also means there are less returns meaning less hassle for everyone in the channel!

There is a range of tools that are used to enhance the users experience; Server Configurator has been developed to help you find the right server for your customers. By answering a series of questions the Server Configurator will suggest the server that is most appropriate for your requirements.

Once you have chosen your server, either using the Server Configurator or manual selection, you are able to configure your IBM system.

System Configurator

Each IBM system can be custom configured to your specific requirements. You can increase memory, add processors, upgrade warranty � any configurable area of a system can be changed. This will allow you to increase your IBM server sales as you can build a system very quickly and easily � safe in the knowledge all parts are compatible.

Server Configurator is the only IBM configurator that offers complete up to date new product information. It�s browser based, no download needed and easy to use. This means if you return to the system after not using it for a while, you will not need to go through lengthy downloads, simply navigate to the site and away you go.

If you are familiar with IBMs product range, you can simply select a server using the drop down menu labelled Quick Start. Alternatively for those users with less knowledge, they can use the System Advisor. This tool will ask you a series of questions, the answers you provide will contribute to what model is deemed fit for purpose. This is not the only option for users who require help in selecting the right model:

  • There is a function to �Compare To� allowing you to select a model from HP, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens and the PSAT tool will indicate which IBM system is comparable.
  • Secondly there is the option build by usage. This method requires you to indicate what usage is intended for this server and what form it needs to take. Again this information will allow PSAT to indicate which is the most suitable system for your requirement.
  • Finally we offer the option of by parametrics. This intuitive filtering system helps selecting a server by dictating what criteria it must have. You start off with a list containing all of the models and by selecting processor/memory characteristics, this list is filtered down to just a few models, allowing for easier selection.

Reference and Education

As well as offering technical guidance for the configuring of IBM Servers, Storage and BladeCenters, Server Configurator also boasts a wealth of rich content material for reference and education. IBM Redbooks and Redpapers are indexed against each model. We carry competitive data, outlining in which areas the IBM system excels against the competition. Not only are you able to reference all of this data each time you select a family, you can also make use of external IBM tools like sizing guides and the IBM Systems College.

All of this related data makes Server Configurator your one stop shop for all IBM requirements. Here you can launch into the site and with little/no product knowledge can be configuring a blade server, fit for purpose, then build a BladeCenter that is compatible with your blade, add these two items as well as additional components to a solution for exporting so it can be sent into an ERP system or to a distributor to quote. All of this can be achieved in a matter of minutes, safe in the knowledge everything will work together and all required components have been added to the build.

Search Tool

Server Configurator uses an advanced searching tool. If you enter a specific part number for a component or base unit part, you will be taken directly to a page giving you an overview of that product and either the option to build if it�s a base unit part number or shown systems where that part is compatible. This is the quickest way to locate a product if you know the part number.

On the flip side, if you do not know exactly what your looking for, it can be used much like any other search engine - enter a vague term like 160GB - this will predictably return you a list of Hard Disk Drives. Clearly indicating which units are Express Parts and which units are Withdrawn From Marketing. Again this feature is useful as you can easily filter through which parts do not interest you yet still have an overview glance at what is available.

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